We are only a small business but we thrive to be as sustainable as possible, which we believe makes us different to the mainstream brands. Fais was based on the idea of saying NO to using unsustainable mass products and thus we aim to offer a more natural / sustainable yet affordable solution to everyday skincare. Whilst we are not perfect yet and always improving, we believe that there are some things we are already doing right:


We try to chose packaging that doesn’t cause strain on biodiversity and try to order packaging straight from manufacturer with no middle men in order to reduce carbon footprint. For example, our labels are printed in the UK by another small business and are of top quality. We use glass where possible because it is, unlike plastic, 100% recyclable. We try to use as less outer packaging as possible and if we do, we use recycled paper. Recycled paper is also our go-to for all of our marketing collateral.


All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free. We try to use organic ingredients where possible and to use the same ingredients across various formulas which enables us to leave less carbon footprint when ordering them in bulk. 


All of our formulas are created in compliance with the good manufacturing practice in our workshop in Hackney, London. Deliveries are dispatched straight from the workshop, making the delivery process more sustainable and reducing CO2 emissions.